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We are dedicated to supporting your organization in working safely during this new normal. With businesses reopening or realligning, it is all about rebounding now. Regardless of where you are in the recovery process, Magnum is ready, willing and very able to assist in getting people back to work. We are here to support you as we all move forward.

In this rapidly changing and unprecedented time, the stability and success of your business is our first focus. We understand how challenging it can be to manage the state of constant change. Allow Magnum to help you plan, build and manage your workforce program through innovative ways.

Work Environments

COVID-19 has shifted many elements of traditional workforce needs, production and service operations, modified workspaces, and overall infrastructure. Magnum will help you create agile teams of talent. This is the most effective and scalable way to adjust and build resiliency in what could likely be a fast-changing operating environment.


Staffing Strategies to drive your business.

Strategy is about choices. How do you move forward at speed despite enormous uncertainty? Magnum can help you make critical choices and choreograph workforce transformations with talent acquisition, employee retention, and workforce management with the flexibility to adapt as scenarios change.

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Building Your Staffing Solutions. Single location or enterprise wide, we will customize a scalable solution to help you work more efficiently. Our approach is that everything about a workforce matters; it is all connected for success. Along with our full suite of services and products, Magnum's Certified Staffing teams will drive the fulfillment processes, achieving powerful results.

Contingent - Temporary - C2H | Onsite Management | Managed Services (MSP-VMS) | Direct Search | HR Services | 3PL Corroboration | Workforce Technologies | Data Metrics Reporting | RPO Services | EOR Payroll services | Safety Consulting

Exceptional Talent

Production Manager - Mechanical/Electrical Assembly - QC Technician - Maintenance Technician - Machinist/CNC - Weld/Solder -  Material Handling - Shipping/Receiving - General Labor

Providing Results

"In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity for an agile workforce."

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A Paradigm Shift in Workforce use | Proactive, Adaptive, Resilient

In the Assembly and Manufacturing industries, organizations have been dealing with how to cope with fewer workers without sacrificing production levels or missing growth opportunities. An automation strategy won't get you there. Having a plan for your people is critical. This is an opportunity to make agility a permanent part of your DNA. Magnum will help your success with our ability to provide and manage an agile workforce - proactive, adaptive and resilient. A workforce comprised of qualified, reliable people who you can expect to perform when the unexpected happens.

Our Assembly / Manufacturing expertise | Retooling for the next normal

Magnum has over two decades of staffing expertise behind us. In recent months we have added the experience of planning and managing our clients' workforce as ongoing repercussions of the pandemic echo throughout all industries; interrupting operational stability and production. Constant change is the next normal. Magnum is highly pro-active in meeting changing elements of the next normal, but our service fundamentals have not changed.

  • Sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding for evolving talent needs; augment workforce at pace of demand.
  • Balancing workers with the right blend of best practices in business continuity and operational efficiency.
  • Corroborating with the client to align work at all levels back to the company goals.

We are partners | Committed, knowledgeable, reliable

Magnum creates value by sharing solid ideas and strategies about how best to design and implement workforce processes and manage them to maximize potential, not just another vendor, but a genuine partner.

  • Manage and mitigate full range of space and people safety concerns.
  • Provide credible and continuous communication for flexible workforce strategies aligning with priorities.
  • Will marshal its resources to handle volume spikes, ramp-ups, work continuity, and talent gaps.

Proprietary Technology | Works the way You work

You do not have to search for software or vendors for help when you want to implement a contingent or part-time workforce management and analytics solution. Magnum's proprietary cloud-based technologies provide best practice software platforms, streamlined deployment, user friendly self-service, and will grow with you. These service products are delivered at no cost.

  • Time and Attendance, Scheduling, and Labor Reporting
  • Talent Order Requisition Management. MSP / VMS Platforms.
  • Performance Enhancing Data that gives insight to guide actions

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