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we are dedicated to supporting your organization in working safely during this new normal. With businesses reopening or realligning, it is all about rebounding now. Regardless of where you are in the recovery process, Magnum is ready, willing and very able to assist in getting people back to work. We are here to support you as we all move forward.

In this rapidly changing and unprecedented time, the stability and success of your business is our first focus. We understand how challenging it can be to manage the state of constant change. Allow Magnum to help you plan, build and manage your workforce program through innovative ways.

Magnum Staffing's commitment to the health, welfare and safety of all our employees and our client's employees is always our first focus. We demonstrate this commitment through further training and certification of Magnum's HSE and Service Operations Team that is specific to the impact COVID-19 has on all elements of business.

OSHA training and course certification includes;

  • Infectious Disease Prevention and Planning
  • Preparedness and Response Plans; Exposure Control Strategies.
  • PPE; Respiratory Protection; Fit test and Training
  • Exposure Risk Levels and How To Protect Workers
  • Administrative Controls and Safe Work Practices
  • OSHA Standards; EmployeeTraining; CDC 3-Phase Reopening Approach
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As part of a global endeavor to help employees return safely to work amid the pandemic, American Staffing Association (ASA) launched the Safely Back to Work initiative to lead efforts in the U.S.
American Red Cross certification providing safety actions that employees can take during reopening periods and includes insight into new or modified business policies and procedures, implemented to maintain safe work environments.
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In addition to the COVID-19 prevention policies, procedures, and practices in place, Magnum Staffing provides:

  • Touchless Temperature checks at all Magnum's staffing resource centers and client locations
  • Thermographic temperature reading contractor for high volume client sites
  • Pre-Employment COVID-19 testing arrangements
  • Disinfection / Sanitization crews for offices, production, manufacturing and warehouse areas.
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Employee Best Safety Practices

Magnum impresses upon its clients that we both are essential to creating a successful partnership and fostering work-site safety.

Through the establishment and implementation of employee Safety Best Practices, Magnum employees and its client's employees can benefit from fewer workplace hazards and exposures, as well as fewer injuries and illnesses.

Magnum Staffing has a general duty to take reasonable steps to determine conditions at the work site, provide employees with appropriate safety information, and advise them how to protect themselves from hazards they are likely to face on the job.

Magnum has policies in place that address how to handle workplace incidents in a prompt, effective, and efficient manner.

Magnum engages in thorough screening of all candidates and apprises candidates of safety policies and expectations of workers; administers skills and knowledge assessments.

Magnum engages in a risk assessment and analysis in deciding on commercial partnerships. Our Safety Team members are trained in performing effective on-site inspections and evaluations.

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