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The Magnum Staffing teams...

are dedicated to supporting your organization in working safely during this new normal. With businesses reopening or realligning, it is all about going forward now. Regardless of where you are in the process, Magnum is ready, willing and very able to assist in getting people back to work; back to working for you.

In this rapidly changing time, supporting and guiding the stability of your human resource environment is our first focus.  We understand the challenges of constant change.  Allow Magnum Staffing to help you plan, build, and manage your workforce program through innovative ways.

Work Environments

COVID-19 has shifted many elements of traditional talent needs, work product, service operations, and modified workspaces.  Magnum Staffing's non-clinical medical staffing provides a wide range of temporary and permanent roles across a variety of facility and care settings.  We create agile teams of talent that are effective and scalable which allows resiliency in a changing operating environment.


Staffing Strategies to drive your business.

Strategy is about choices. How do you move forward at speed despite enormous uncertainty? Magnum can help you make critical choices and choreograph workforce transformations with talent acquisition, employee retention, and workforce management with the flexibility to adapt as scenarios change.

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Building Your Non-Clinical Healthcare Staffing Solutions. Single location or enterprise wide, we will customize a scalable solution to help you work more efficiently. Our approach is that everything about a workforce matters; it is all connected for success. Along with our full suite of services and products, Magnum's Certified Staffing teams will drive the fulfillment processes, achieving powerful results.

Ad Hoc Projects - Temporary - T2H | Workforce Design | Managed Services (MSP-VMS) | Direct Search | HR Services | Workforce Technologies | RPO Services | EOR Payroll Services

Exceptional Talent (On-site / Remote)

Patient Registration | AP Clerk | Billing | Coding Specialist | Transcriptionist | Medical Coder | Records Clerk | Medical Claims Specialist | Data Entry | Administrative Assistant | Office Manager | Scheduler
Providing Results

"Human Resources isn't just something we do.  It's the something that runs businesses."

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A Shift in the Future of Work | Designing for Resilience

As major worktrends have been reset, HR leaders need to rethink workforce and employee planning, management performance and experience strategies.  This includes deciding "people to work" or "work to people".  Consider whether and how to shift performance goal-settings for a remote context.  Magnum Staffing will help you design roles and structures around outcomes to increase agility and formalize how processes can flex.  Building a more responsive and resilient organization.  We can guide you through the adoption of and integration of non-standard work models.

Our expertise / Retooling for what's next

Magnum has over twenty five years of staffing expertise. During the past year, we have added the experience of planning and managing our clients' human resources as ongoing repercussions of the pandemic echo throughout all companies; interrupting operational stability and performance.  Change is constant in both talent required and operational initiatives.  Magnum Staffing is highly proactive in guiding you through what's next.

We are partners | Committed, knowledgeable, reliable

Magnum creates value by sharing solid ideas and strategies about how best to design and implement human resource plans to manage the critical functions impacting your revenue cycle and the key touchpoints within your organization.  The one, holistic partner uniquely offering the right solution at the right time.

Proprietary Technology | Works the way You work

An easy implementation of contract, part-time, and full-time office workforce management solutions.  Magnum's proprietary cloud-based technologies provide best practice software platforms, streamlined deployment, user friendly self-service, and will grow with you. All delivered at no cost.

  • Time and Attendance local or remote, track project hours, multiple office consolidation.
  • HR Requisition Management.
  • Non-clinical data integration for customized reporting. 

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