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Don't be fooled by the empty promises of an online app that promises to send you workers. Having a digital barrier and not actually knowing the current Federal and State labor laws can put your business in jeopardy.

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What is a FLEX workforce?

Part time FLEX workers available to you through Magnum Staffing to work around your adaptive schedules.


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Magnum Staffing has thousands of part-time W-2 employees available to cover your On-Demand labor needs. It is what staffing agencies were designed to do!

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From Top to Bottom

Managing a FLEX workforce is more than just a software web-based application. Use an agency that is more! From onboarding and safety training qualified W-2 employees, to managing a fluctuating workforce. We have the "know-how"!

Hire a gig worker seasonal trends

Holiday or Seasonal Trends

Many of our employees work for multiple clients with workforce trends that do not overlap. This makes it easy for dependable employees to be reassigned to your facility. This creates a flexible workforce to fit your adaptive HR needs.

Hire a gig worker HR management

Human Resource Management

Let us secure and manage your workforce. Sourcing and recruiting qualified candidates is NOT just an easy "click-and-go" button as apps suggest. Bringing a human-centric approach that no software or AI can promise!

Hire a gig worker future

GIG Economy is the Future

We are bridging the gap between the workforce of tomorrow to the clients needs of today. It's about meeting the needs of both the employee and our clients.

Hire a gig worker dependability

Dependability and Compliance

Use a dependable resource that has been in the staffing business for almost 3 decades. We will assign a local branch office that is available and compliant for your business 24/7.

Hire a gig worker great results

Providing Results

Flexible shifts to accommodate both our clients and our employees fluctuating needs. Customized reporting available for tracking your labor cost or uploading to your ERP systems.

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