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Magnum Staffing understands that organizations don't need candidates to fill jobs, they need individuals who can drive their organization and its objectives forward with necessary output. Talent to power your evolution.

With Magnum Staffing's unique Managed Staffing Program joined with our proprietary Vendor Management System software (MSP/VMS), you have a scalable one-point solution to provide Total Workforce Management. We will streamline processes that can help you plan, initiate, engage, and manage your talent needs across the enterprise.

We are not a technology company. Magnum Staffing is a premier staffing organization that has delivered valuable solutions along with technology for over 25 years.

What is the difference between a MSP and a VMS?

The difference between a MSP and a VMS in staffing is a, a MSP stands for Managed Staffing Program(MSP). A VMS stands for Vendor Management System(VMS). A MSP usually utilizes a VMS software program to manage a staffing agency or multiple agencies.  Both systems can be of a benefit to you, but read below on how they individually work.

What is a MSP?

A staffing MSP stands for Managed Services Provider (MSP) and is an integral part of your organization's talent procurement, recruiting, HR or other strategic workforce function. Engaging Magnum allows you to turn to a single partner for planning, supply chain management, employer branding, sourcing, talent assessment and identification, hiring processes, reporting, and onboarding. The result is a consistent, high-touch program customized to your culture, industry, and geographical footprint. The benefits include:

  • Holistic Management. Helps organizations effectively map talent, achieve optimal ratios of permanent and flexible labor, create full workforce visibility, and develop business agility and scalability across the enterprise.

  • Cost Efficiencies and more Effective Implementations. Manages the end-to-end lifecycle of the labor process through a single program. Streamline operations and kick-start performance.

  • Governance / Compliance Enhancement. Ensures business rules, onboarding, screening, tenure limits, etc. are being continuously enforced.

  • Access to Best Practices. Magnum continuously invests in its people, processes, and systems. Our geographical footprint provides the framework for sharing practices and ideas from around the market and across many industries.

Magnum Staffing's MSP Solution Model


What is a VMS?

A VMS stands for Vendor Management System(VMS) and is a Cloud/SaaS application that acts as a central hub and a system of record. However, the technology driver is not the need for transactional data. Magnum Staffing's generation is driven by the business intelligence solution that allows you to understand and interpret the wealth of data generated from our VMS.

The VMS suite is configured to automate and streamline critical processes that support the sourcing, acquisition, and management of the workforce. This includes requisitions (request for services), candidate selection and on-boarding, compliance, approvals, time management and scheduling, expense management, and payments. In addition, our platform can provide extensive reporting functionality and features to suuport your human capital strategies and objectives.


Communication and Information channels must allow for effective interaction around orders, workforce performance, and meaningful data


Provides cost projections based on time, assignment length, work hours, and bill rate. You can estimate the financial impact of the positions before you make the request decision. Order approval mechanisms can be set or automated via email alerts so you are aware of what your management staff has procured.


MiTime is a live SaaS cloud-based biometric time and attendance system. Robust capabilities include job-costing, specialized business rules for each shift or department, and live automated reporting capabilities that can be exported in Excel, CSV, or Adobe PDF.


The VMS suite includes access to MAGnify. This dynamic software is a powerful way to visualize, analyze, filter, and report program data. With near real-time information, you can stay ahead of trends and maximize opportunities within your workforce program as it changes with your business.

Services Requisition, Spend, and Workforce Management


A truly end-to-end cloud-based Talent Requisition, Workforce and Spend Management intelligent tool. A human-Centric technology with easy implmentation and collaboration for your HRIS/HRIM. Deployed as part of Magnum's service content; but can also be configured to our MSP/VMS, HRO, or RPO service environment.

  • All reporting and metrics determined by client; applying business rules across the hiring processes.
  • Robust tracking and visibility of requisition, budget approval, spend, and invoicing.
  • Auto report and communication generator.
  • Natural extension of existing supply chain management and talent acquisition teams.

Bring transparency and efficiency to improve quality and accountability.

Don't be Confused...

by internet job post/search organizations who proclaim to be the solution as a technology driven MSP supplier to companies for the new flex-worker demand. The flex-worker dynamic is not new. It has been Magnum Staffing's business for over 25 years. And during this time we have continued to develop and refine our suite of proprietary talent networking, recruiting, and staffing technologies as a service to all our clients.

Providing Results

Successful companies that utilize a contingent (flex) workforce program within their total human resource architecture engage the planning cycle as illustrated here. It's human centric; technologies (SaaS) enhance and facilitate the processes. With our certified staffing specialists, vast experience, and deep insights, Magnum will help develop, execute and manage your workforce program enterprise wide.

March 20, 2023/By Magnum Staffing Services, Inc.

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