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We are dedicated to supporting your organization in working safely and efficiently now and through whatever new comes next. It is all about rebounding.  Regardless of where you are in the process, Magnum is ready, willing and very able to assist in the wide range of workforce issues. We will provide workforce technology services and solutions focused on assessing and optimizing labor management and productivity.

In this rapidly changing and unprecedented time, the stability and success of your business is our first focus. We understand how challenging it can be to manage the state of constant change. Allow Magnum to help you plan, build and manage your workforce program through innovative ways.

Information is a Real Asset

What parts of the information are important to the decisions you want to make?  How will they impact the success of your initiative?  Magnum will help you focus on this critical asset - meaningful data information.  Improving your decisions require eliminating the data clutter,  That can be challenging.  Our technologies will keep it simple.


Optimize Your Talent Investment

Magnum will help you connect talent and business data into a single source of data truth.  Then management can make decisions and develop a workforce plan that optimizes talent investments while effectively monitoring recruiting, development, engagement, productivity, accountability, retention, and many other workplace initiatives.

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Providing Results

"Quality workforce management begins with meaningful information."

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Services Requisition, Spend, and Workforce Management


A truly end-to-end cloud-based Talent Requisition, Workforce and Spend Management intelligent tool. A Human-Centric technology with easy implementation and collaboration for your HRIS/HRIM. Deployed as part of Magnum's service content; but can also be configured to our MSP/VMS, HRO, or RPO service environment.

  • All reporting and metrics determined by client; applying business rules across the hiring processes.
  • Robust tracking and visibility of requisition, budget approval, spend, and invoicing.
  • Auto report and communication generator.
  • Natural extension of existing supply chain management and talent acquisition teams.

Bring transparency and efficiency to improve quality and accountability.


Online Time & Attendance

Magnum's proprietary Cloud-based Time & Attendance system. Provides secure and reliable access in almost any space with an industrial-strength enclosure and always-on display.  Designed for speed and efficiency of scale.  It works seamlessly across all digital touchpoints.

  • Customized to your business rules.
  • Tracks jobs, multiple departments, and shifts.
  • All data can be visualized, sorted, filtered, and exported according to user preference.
  • Biometric and/or touchless RFID clocking.

Cost is time related; and time is irreversable.

Convert Data to Useful Information


Good workflow decisions are always based on real facts. MAGnify allows you to connect the data, manipulate the data, and visualize it.

  • Dynamically integrate relevant data to allow you to see anything you need - from summary numbers to granular, specific data.
  • Have tracking and reporting on essential KPI's and metrics that are specific to role and workflow process.
  • Decision makers are able to receive the relevant information When (scheduling and frequency) and How (email, PDF, Excel) and Where (laptop, mobile, tablet) the prefer.

Be the smartest person in the room.


Streamline Safety Management

With Magnum's Safe-T-Net technology tool, we help you manage, review, and improve safety performance and responses.                            

  • Digitizes processes that are manual or require consistent follow ups.
  • Conduct workplace safety inspections, audits, pre-starts, ergonomic assessments and more.
  • Identify trends. Report observations, unsafe and at-risk behaviors and conditions.
  • Checklists to align with each workers job role, site, and tasks.
  • Contains ever-expanding library of safety training videos. Can integrate client's video library.

Never risk a hazard turning into an accident.

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