Items to Consider when looking for a Warehouse Staffing Agency in Baytown

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1. Do they have a local office?

Make sure they have a recruiting office in the immediate area.

Having a local recruiting office near your jobsite is imperative. This local office will be able to source and interview nearby talent pools more effectively than a remote staffing agency. Just posting an online job ad isn't enough. A physical location gives employers and potential candidates a sense of trust and investment to the local community.

2. How long have they been in business?

You will want to source a veteran staffing agency that has been relevant in the area for a long time. They will know the local talent pool and will know the proper channels on how to find them.

Be cautious of new firms or those or do not have a large or reputable history in staffing your industry type.


3. Do they have employees ready to assign quickly?

Great staffing agencies will already have a talent pool in their queue ready for assignment.

These potential employees will already have some history with the agency and have been pre-vetted for your assignment.

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4. Can the they provide current market information?

Providing current market information for the local region will help you make smarter decisions. Information like competitive pay rates, favored shift schedules, employee attrition, and availability will help you work faster towards your goal of getting the you the right employees with the appropiate skillsets needed.

5. What technologies do they offer?

Being just a staffing agency isn't enough anymore. Staffing agencies should provide a modern partnership with tech-savy protocols and information. Information you can use, automated reporting, job costing capability, customizable invoicing, and many other scenarios that help you make informed decisions to help you run your business.

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Do your research!

Sourcing a new staffing agency is no easy task. Do your research, find out as much as you can about the agency, and put in a request for more information.

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