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Magnum Staffing Agencies in Houston can customize a scalable solution for your Warehouse Distribution, ECommerce, Logistics, Supply Chain, Assembly, Manufacturing, Administrative and Professional needs.


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As an effective provider of managed service programs (MSP), Magnum's ONE POINT Staffing Solution can help your organization drive greater efficiency, visibility, and quality in your flexible workforce.

Regardless of the location, engaging Magnum's proprietary vendor management system (VMS) with our ONE POINT solution will manage the entire contingent talent life cycle from requisition through invoicing. This assures that Magnum Staffing Agencies in Houston has consitent quality staffing processes and are in place enterprise wide.

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For 25 years Magnum Staffing has been a leader in workforce strategy, plan implementation, and talent management. Providing effective ideas, useful information and valued assistance.

But it really isn't about us. It's about YOU!

Regardless of what your business needs are, Magnum's 360 degree Value Delivery creates a perpetual alliance by combining our people, processes, technology, and knowledge. As change happens, this will sustain the agility and quality within the triad relationship - Client, Employees, and Magnum.

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